The greatest wisdom arises not within the individual, but in the space between people. Conscious Leaders Circles are a melting pot of intelligence; a container where the greatest solutions to our most pressing challenges are born. In the moment of this awareness, we are personally invited to step into the emerging future from a deeper place of connection; to take conscious illumination forward and make it real and practical in the world. Are you ready to join the leading edge?

Participating in a Conscious Leaders Circle is a peer-to-peer opportunity to sit with other leading lights and journey more deeply into your inner world. By exploring the challenges we are facing as conscious leaders and sharing the emerging collective solutions, the circle will be empowered and fortified from the inside-out. You will also receive leading edge empowerment tools focused on energy, awareness and alignment. Perhaps most powerful of all however, because of the depth and authenticity of the experience, you will forge deep and sustainable relationship with other participants, finally connecting you to a conscious tribe that will continue to uplift you long after the circle experience has ended.

Conscious Leaders Circles are designed for leaders ready to commit to a deeper level of inner journey and personal transformation work.  You know that practicing mindfulness is the starting point and now you are eager to experience the next level of the game. You desire to actively contribute to the upliftment of humanity and / or the preservation of the planet and / or the actioning of conscious business principles.  To host a Conscious Leaders Circle in your city or to find out more, click the link below.