The Conscious Leaders Academy is lead by Damien Wade & Emily Lane. Inspired by the emerging global shift to more conscious ways of operating, their mission is to optimise the empowerment of Conscious Leaders in all sectors of society.

Emily & Damien are both faculty members at the Omega Institute and have a combined experience of over 40 years in business. Their work has reached employees in organisations as diverse as LinkedIn, IBM, Accenture, the Central Bank of Ireland, Qualtrics, BNY Mellon, Google and Facebook, as well as countless entrepreneurs and pioneers in all sectors of society.

The signature processes, toolkits and embodied experiences offered at the Conscious Leaders Academy deeply fortify the internal reality of each individual Conscious Leader. By experiencing pristine inner clarity, you are empowered to develop consciousness-based solutions for your unique area of expertise.

This can be expressed in a myriad of ways from shifting internal organisational culture to aligning with a mission-driven purpose. You can optimise your team’s performance through conscious relationships or expand further outward to collaborating across industry and pioneering environmental, health or creative arts projects.

The seeds of potential lie within You. The possibilities are endless.  Reach out to us now for a free consultation to discuss your organisation’s needs.



Damien Wade is a Faculty Member of the Omega Institute and founder of holistic health & wellness centre, Health 3.0. Damien’s vision is to help create a world that can live in harmony and peace by empowering people and shining light on the distortion of reality, which is contributing to  much human suffering. Through his divine connection, his passion is to illuminate the minds of millions of beings, restoring balance and wellbeing. He has had direct experiences leaving him with clarity and certainty that this can be achieved by implementing spiritual sciences and technologies in combination with physical strategies.

You can find out more about Damien on his personal website www.damienwade.ie

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more ABOUT EMILY lane:

Emily Lane is a Faculty Member of the Omega Institute, Founding Partner of the Conscious Business World Summit and former M.C. of the world’s largest mindfulness-in-business conference Wisdom 2.0.

Her work in Conscious Clarity has reached thousands of people around the world.  From 1:1 impact at the personal leadership level to online education programs and from keynote speaking to women’s empowerment programs. You can find out more about Emily Lane on her personal website www.emilylane.tv