Conscious Leaders Academy

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to Optimise the Empowerment of Conscious Leaders.


Welcome to the Conscious Leaders Academy. We empower conscious leaders, change-makers and pioneers with cutting edge performance optimisation tools.  We specialise in the faculties of energy, awareness and alignment. As we support you in consciously and powerfully aligning your inner world, you will:

  • Experience Pristine Vision Clarity

  • Optimise Your Personal Power

  • Align Your Decision Making

  • Supercharge Your Personal Energy

  • Leverage Deeper Intuitive Intelligence

  • Empower The Full Expression of Your Leadership Style

By working with us, you will be grounded in the practical keys to deeper self-leadership. Through this more profound expression of Who You Really Are, you will be empowered to fully show up as your Best Self.  This embodiment principle will take your conscious leadership game to the next level. It will inspire positive and conscious change within both your team and peers. More powerfully however, by optimising your interior, you will optimise performance outcomes externally, thereby becoming an embodiment of the solution.


“There has never been a more important time for a conscious approach to leadership in our society. The empowerment of humanity, preservation of our planet and sustainability of our economy are fundamental to the survival (and thriving) of our world. This requires a deeper kind of leadership, one grounded in values alignment, personal power, vision clarity and above all - the embodiment of the solution. Our mission is to make this possible.”